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Preview: Lasers and Fast and Shit/Darkroom

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So they build their own instruments and light show essentially from scratch and their live shows are riotous and the name of the band is Lasers and Fast and Shit. Honestly, is there anything more you need to know to make you want to see this band? The Chicago group blends infectious punk with some stoner-rock indulgences to put together songs that are both energizing and usually hysterically amusing. Titles like “Beware of the Great Lakes Vikings,” “Keep the Water in the Tub” and “Lemon Bars” boast incredibly penetrative hooks that are so simple, so on-the-surface dumb, you can’t not fall in love with it. It’s an assault, but an endearing one. Consider “Lemon Bars”’s lyrics. “I got a lemon bar” repeats four times. Then “I’ll trade you a lemon bar” repeats four times. Then “Lemon bar for a kick pedal” shouts, you guessed it, four times. Then repeat the process, except replace “lemon bar” with “brownie.” That’s pretty much it, save for the “Let’s make a deal” coda. I want to know the story behind this song more than anything else in the world. I want this song to be transformed into a lemon bar that I can devour during the length of this song. I want to hear this song every day for the rest of my life. (Tom Lynch)

November 11 at Darkroom, 2210 West Chicago, (773)276-1411, at 8pm. $7.

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  1. Lasers and Fast and Shit « ali weiss Says:

    […] of the event with band performances and interviews.  The video includes an answer to the burning question posed by the media: What is the Lemon Bar song […]

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