Willis Earl BealWillis Earl Beal
Homegrown outsider artist turned “X Factor” hopeful comes into his own as retrofuturist blues hound. September 6 at Schubas

Joshua AbramsJoshua Abrams Natural Information Society
The sound of Chicago jazz expanded quite a bit with the release of last year’s “Represencing,” which may be the explanation for why it hasn’t left my turntable since. September 6 at Constellation

BeethovenBeethoven Festival: LOVE 2013
Breathtaking musicianship inspired by the biggest names in classical music on display in beautiful spaces (and often for free!) September 7-15 at Sherwood Conservatory, Merit School of Music, Chicago Temple, Chicago Cultural Center

David BoykinDavid Boykin
A rare saxophonist gifted with enough power to consistently make one feel instead of hear his musicianship. September 10 at Tuesdays on the Terrace at the Museum of Contemporary Art

The Replacements

The Replacements

Riot Fest
Throughout all space and time, God could only muster a bill shared by The Replacements and Danzig on this very occasion. September 13-15 at Humboldt Park

By releasing “Paid in Full” with Eric B. in 1987, Rakim created the blueprint for the shape of rap to come, and no rapper has come close to his delivery skill since. September 19 at The Shrine

Scout NiblettScout Niblett
Niblett’s performances can be so spellbinding that if you spend one evening watching her you will feel like you’ve been by her side your whole life. September 21 at The Hideout

Cosmic PsychosCosmic Psychos
The raw punk energy of the Psychos only makes sense with the backdrop of Australia looming behind them, the likely power source of their implacable permanence as the preeminent beer-battered band. September 24 at Empty Bottle

CT  CTH Brokeback - Photo Credit  Chris Toliver - DougBrokeTwo.jBrokeback, Jim Becker & Joe Adamik Duo

Fall is a nostalgic season, and this show with Chicago’s unheralded best in members of Tortoise and Califone is the proper harvest for a native Midwesterner. September 28 at The Hideout

Jenny HvalJenny Hval
Sexually confrontational Norwegian intellectual women with beautifully delicate voices and inventive songwriting ability can be found performing in Chicago all the time, right? September 29 at Empty Bottle

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