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Dizzy Dizzee: UK grimer Dizzee Rascal teaches us “Maths & English”

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By Brad Knutson

After being introduced to the new sounds of “UK garage” via Mike Skinner and The Streets in 2002, a year later another new uniquely British movement known as “grime” started to invade these shores. Combining the sounds of the UK’s dance underground with the crunk vibe of southern American hip-hop, grime had reverberated its way across the Atlantic from pirate-radio ships outside London and started to dominate docked iPods at hipster parties in Brooklyn. At the forefront of the movement was the scene’s breakout star, Dylan Mills, aka Dizzee Rascal. Read the rest of this entry »

Preview: Lady Sovereign/Sonotheque

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The official Lollapalooza after party from Dark Wave Disco brings grime queen Lady Sovereign back to where it all began… in The States at least. Riding a huge wave of underground hype, the notorious mini-sensation invaded the mod confines of Sonotheque last July for one of her first-ever American performances. The show was a smashing success by all accounts and by the following month she was schmoozing with Jay-Z about a record deal. At this point though, the buzz around Lady Sovereign seems to have calmed a bit, with fans forced to wait on a full-length debut that won’t be hitting store shelves for another two months. Additionally, her subsequent appearances in Chicago, including her recent performance at Intonation just last month, have failed to quite capture the magic of that debut show. Most of this is probably attributable to the lack of fresh material, but it may also be that she performs best when immersed in a raucous club setting. With the Dark Wave Disco crew at the helm and a fired-up post-Lolla crowd guaranteed to put the queue out the door, the S-O-V just might bring it like she did the first time around. Read the rest of this entry »