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Preview: The Chicago Afrobeat Project/Abbey Pub

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The hallmark of a good band is its ability to perform in any setting at any time. Gigging at a local Occupy, the Chicago Afrobeat Project played to a sympathetic crowd, one almost expected to take in the confluence of funk, jazz and afro-stylings as the norm. If no one said anything about a post-racial America, they were thinking about it. Several months earlier, though, CAbP did a spot at the Beachland Park, a private beach club in Cleveland. Private might be too strong a word. There’s no gate, but there are fees for residents who use the park on a regular basis. Read the rest of this entry »

Preview: Osunlade/Sonotheque

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Osunlade, Yoruba priest and label owner, acclaimed producer and inspiring DJ—I suppose leading with that list begs the question: “What about him?” Inquire no more, for the man himself will be working the decks this weekend at Chicago’s hipster paradise, Sonotheque. Many house artists have listed their efforts as “Afro-beat,” but what comes out of the speakers are a few easily found presets from your favorite software package. Tribal percussion and soulful chanting are indeed the weapons Osunlade employs to convey the African sound through house music, but his style exudes authenticity, and with sweat-inducing gusto to boot. Chi-town’s getting cold again, but the jazzy breakbeats and horn-fueled melodies of Osunlade’s deep, dancefloor-aimed sound will get your blood flowing. Read the rest of this entry »